New Commission

Batik ready for final, darkest colour.

Batik ready for final, darkest colour.Ready to push the Batik through the dye bath.

 It is now time to apply the final and darkest colour.To do this a small bowl of dye is prepared.The painting is then gently pushed through the dye bath.This results in thin cracks appearing randomly in the wax.The dye will take where shapes have been left unwaxed.The dye will also take where the random cracks have appeared.A random "crackle pattern"will result throughout the painting.

The final stage of dyeing.

The final stage of dyeing.The batik is removed from the dye bath.

The batik is now looking somewhat messy.Surplus blobs of dye will be removed with kitchen roll.

When completely dry the wax has to be removed.This is done by placing the batik between layers of kitchen roll and ironing.The heat melts the wax which is absorbed by the kitchen roll.