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Jane Hickman has been painting original Batik designs which are predominantly flower-based for over 20 years and set up her studio in 1986. The original work is reproduced as Greeting Cards, Prints and Scarves which are printed onto Silk, Velvet or Wool.

Batik is a way to decorate fabric, such as Silk or Cotton with coloured dyes.

The technique makes it possible to have different coloured areas of dye next to each other in a design. To achieve this hot molten wax is used. Having dyed an area of fabric it is possible to “resist” the intrusion of other dyes by waxing out the first area of coloured dye.

In the beginning, she sold only original Batik paintings but over the past 20 years, she has published a range of greetings cards and a separate range of prints. Her latest venture has involved having her designs printed onto silk, velvet and wool fabric to produce an extensive range of scarves.