For more than 35 years Jane Hickman has been painting using the Batik technique.This process allows the artist/designer to control coloured dyes when painting on a woven material such as silk or fine cotton. 

Water based dyes are used in conjunction with hot liquid wax to determine where colours appear in the painting.

In 1986 she set up her studio in the Herefordshire countryside. Since that time she has developed her work and sells through Galleries,Craft Shows and Flower Shows.

If you look through the following web pages you will see that her main subject is flowers. 

Her interest in horticulture is reflected in her paintings.

In the beginning, she sold only original Batik paintings but over the past 35 years she has published a range of greetings cards and a separate range of prints. 

Her latest venture has involved having her designs printed onto  silk, velvet and wool fabric to produce an extensive range of scarves.