2020 Shows

 Due to the Covid19 pandemic we have taken the decision to cancel our 2020 shows.If conditions change we shall review the situation later in the year.In the meantime we continue to take orders via the website.If we can be of assistance please contact us on 01568 760461 or e.mail

Medium Prints

715 Red & Amber Poppies>click arrow

716 Rowan Frieze>click arrow

717 Snowdrop Frieze>click arrow

719 Sweet Peas>click arrow

720 Grapevine Print>click arrow

721 Cardoon Print>click arrow

723 Periwinkle Print>click arrow

724 Passion Flower>click arrow

725 Magnolia Print>click arrow

726 Iris Tall Print>click arrow

728 Foxglove Print>click arrow

729 Daisies Print>click arrow