H.Art - Herefordshire Art week 2023

New work for h.Art

New work for h.ArtOur Calla Lily Wool Fino Shawl - just the thing as Autumn approaches.

Since returning from our adventure in Canada and the USA we have been very busy preparing for Herefordshire Art week aka h.Art

We have received a delivery of our Wool Fino Shawls.Generously sized ( Calla Lily measures 196 cms x 64 cms) accessories just in time for a seasonal change in temperature.

This year we shall be exhibiting at two h.Art venues.We are very happy to be returning to Stockton Bury Gardens (a mile or two north of Leominster HR6  0HB) venue number 125 in the h.Art catalogue.Our other venue is St.Mary Magdalene Church, Church Street,Leintwardine SY7 0LD venue number 120.h.Art starts on Friday September 1st and continues until Sunday September 10th.

At both venues we shall have original Batik paintings,greeting cards,prints and scarves.

Cardoon - another example from our range of Wool Fino shawls

Cardoon - another example from our range of Wool Fino shawlsSubdued colour combined with the gentleness of Wool Fino fabric

In the garden one of our eating apple trees,Lord Lambourne,is heavy with fruit this year.The apples have creamy white flesh and a flavour that is both crisp and sweet.Damsons are also starting to darken and soften.

It will be a week or two until these Autumnal fruits are fully ripened.

Autumn fruits - almost ripe.

Autumn fruits - almost ripe.Original Batik painting

A great combination of both flavours and colours.