January 2023

Vintage Rayburn

Vintage RayburnWinter comfort

We are getting towards the middle of January.The wind is roaring around the chimney stack beneath a clear starry sky.Over the past week we have experienced a sequence of low pressure systems which have soaked the ground.At times ditches have been overflowing and our garden pond is brimful.

So far we have been busy.A good number of orders have been generated by the website.Also some of our wholesale card customers are re-stocking.Packages destined for "Little Bird" gallery in Niwot Colorado and closer to home Hay Castle,Hay on Wye.

Framing work

Framing workPicture Framing Workshop

Alongside our Batik work we have a picture framing workshop.In the main the framing we do is for the Original Batik paintings and prints.However in our locality we do offer a framing service.

Although the volume of non - Batik work is not large it does seem to be the case that over the past 6 months or so there has been an increase in business.A good proportion of this work comes to us via Colourfast Imaging who produce excellent inkjet reproductions of original artwork (including our own "Large Print" range) and conveniently operate from a workshop in our village.