Minus 10 degrees

Minus ten degrees

Minus ten degreesA sharp introduction to Winter 2022

December 16th and the temperature here in rural Herefordshire is minus 10 degrees C.Just one month earlier we were taking part in The Contemporary Craft Show at RHS Wisley.The weather was relatively mild and trees were still displaying their Autumnal spectacle.

Now we are doing our best to feed the wild birds and breaking the icebound ponds in the garden to give access to water.

Although our Shows season is over our website is fully functioning.We are happy to send orders out via courier as an alternative delivery option should the Royal Mail be unavailable.

Bright and Beautiful Rowan Berry Silk Scarf

Bright and Beautiful Rowan Berry Silk ScarfRowan Silk Scarf and bright Crabapples

There is an upside to the bitterly cold temperature which is manifest in a brilliant blue sky creating strong clear light.Earlier in the day we walked around the garden taking photographs of frost laden plants and trees.

Another upside to this winterlude is that we light our log burning stove.We have been logging up branches of Hazel,Blackthorn,Hawthorn,Willow and Damson from the garden which were cut over 12 months ago and are now seasoned.