Winter Quarters

Interior life

Interior lifeAgeing Terracotta

This plant pot is home to a lemon tree which spends spring,summer autumn outside.The tree produces several lemons during the year.In winter it sits inside in a very well lit space and so far seems to be a happy plant.

Kitchen wall collection

Kitchen wall collectionKitchen wall detail.

Spending a greater amount of time indoors during the winter season does create opportunities to re- connect with items which have been collected and have found their place in the home.Sometimes these objects do get moved around but by and large they know their place.

An unexpected opportunity

An unexpected opportunityNiche

Over the years we have added 3 extensions to the original cottage.The original cottage had been built using a mixture of stone and brick.The extensions now encase the original structure creating one or two interesting,uninteded features which have given rise to some nooks and crannies.

We have populated some of these spaces with ceramics and pictures collected over the past 35 years.